Finding Great Music Lessons For Kids

musicalWhile I myself have never been terribly musical, I do value music highly. When I had kids, I decided that they should learn to play an instrument, assuming that they showed any interest at all. One of my great regrets about my own childhood was that I never had the opportunity to learn an instrument.

Both my son and my daughter did seem interested when they got older, so I decided to look for some local music lessons. My son was very interested in learning how to play the piano, while my daughter seemed to have more of an interest in the flute. I wanted to find a music school that offered instruction in both instruments.

This seemed much easier than trying to find separate teachers for each child. I started looking around and quickly found several instructors who seemed promising. I was not sure which to choose, so I asked a friend of mine for some advice. He is quite gifted musically, so I wanted to see if he could help.

His advice was quite useful, and I also spent some time looking online at various reviews that had been written by other parents. I thought that these would be a good resource to get a feel for the teachers. I knew that not every instructor, no matter how talented, would necessarily be a good fit for my children.

After some thought, I finally settled on a local private school that offered instruction in a number of different instruments. They offered both piano and flute lessons, as well as guitar, trumpet, and others. I thought that this would give my kids the opportunity to explore a number of different instruments to see which one suited them best.

I enrolled my kids, and they both really enjoyed their lessons. While my daughter eventually decided that music was not her calling, my son actually became quite a serious student of the piano. He has entered several local competitions and done quite well.

He has continued to take lessons at the same school for a number of years now, and his instructors tell me that he is doing very well. I am certainly glad that I took the time to consider my options. If I had chosen a different instructor, my son might never have had the chance to discover just how much he loves to play the piano.